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Wheel of Consent® Workshop

Friday, November 8th: 6pm - 9pm, Saturday, November 9th: 10am - 10pm, Sunday, November 10th: 10am - 6pm at Living Yoga Sanga
This event is for the Introduction to The Wheel of Consent weekend workshop & optional professional development days.
Empowerment add on days for working with clients: Monday, November 11th: 10am - 6pm, Tuesday, November 12th: 10am - 6pm at an alternative venue

When you engage with another – whether it is a lover, friend or colleague – are you doing what they want you to do, or what they allow you to do?
What is the difference and why does it matter? We invite you to a 2.5 day workshop on the Wheel of Consent, a powerful tool to improve the quality of your touch and communication, creating clear agreements so you can experience satisfying connection to self and others.

COST in AUD : Wheel of Consent 2,5 day workshop $550 / Early bird $490 / Couple $950
Wheel of Consent + empowerment add on days: $900 / Early bird $800 / Couple $1500
Register here: http://buytickets.at/liberatedlove/283570 feel free to reach out to info@somaticconsent.com or our local producer:: Tamara Green - tamara@tamarathebrave.com

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