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Special Events with Simon Borg-Olivier 14th - 16th June 2019

Sharing Good Energy Workshop with Simon Borg-Olivier. - BOOK HERE $350Purchase required to enroll

For booking the full Workshop - Click on the purple heading "Sharing Good Energy Workshop" above to go register for the full workshop or click on an individual session below to enrol.

6pm - 9pm Friday 14th June
- Sharing Good Energy and Loving Information Through Your Body as a Model for Your Life
9am - 12pm Saturday 15th June - Energising, Strengthening and Calming
1pm - 4pm Saturday 15th June - Circulating Energy and Information
9am - 12pm Sunday 16th June - Dynamic Rejuvenation and Relaxation
1pm - 4pm Sunday 16th June - Stilling and cleansing your body, breath and mind in dynamic meditation

In this weekend (15 hour) workshop, Simon Borg-Olivier, a research scientist and physiotherapist who has taught posture, movement and breathing for 35 years, shows ways to energise, nourish and strengthen your body while developing blissful, grounded calmness. In this safe and accessible practice Simon will show you how to move actively and fluidly from your core while initially allowing your body breathe for you, and later developing breath-control. You will shown special types of core stabilisation for the whole body that can stabilise and nourish your joints and muscles, prevent and heal injuries, and relieve physical pain. This practice allows you develop fitness and internal health by using spinal movements and graded diaphragmatic breathing into an abdomen firmed through posture. Techniques taught in this workshop also help improve the digestion of food, absorption of nutrients, elimination of waste and stored toxins, and the health of the reproductive system. The main purpose of this practice is to share good energy and loving information through the body

Open to yoga students and teachers as well as wholistic practitioners working with massage, physiotherapies and bodywork.

You can participate in one or more sessions, dependant on availability, although the full workshop is highly recommended. If you want to book a number of sessions in the same transaction or for a number of people please email kristen@livingyogasanga.org with these details.

Session 5. 1pm - 4pm Sunday 16th June - Stilling and cleansing your body, breath and mind in dynamic meditation $75Purchase required to enroll

PLEASE NOTE : If you want to come to only one class the best class to come to is the first one.
You CANNOT attend class number five unless you have attended at least one or two classes before hand.
In other words no brand-new people on the last class. This allows for a building progression.

Upcoming Events

Yin Yoga Immersion No purchase required to enroll

10 - 11.30.am Saturday 8 June. Yin Yoga Immersion with Aesha Kennedy

A beautiful 'melt-a-licous' monthly practice where we immerse into the Yin qualities of receptivity, surrender and stillness. Yin yoga poses are seated or lying down and held for a longer time to soften physical tensions, calm mental activity, replenish vital organs, and regain suppleness in joints, ligaments and connective tissue. All welcome beginners to more experienced. Variations to suit your individual body, using the support of blankets, bolsters.

$20 casual attendance or use Aesha's class pass.

Sacred Sound & Restorative Yoga with Tabatha Smith & Rebekah Ray

3.00 - 5.00pm Sunday, 9 June
Come dive deep into your inner world with divine sound meditation and restorative yoga. This two hour class is a wonderful chance to soothe your nervous system and relax into yourself.
Tabatha Smith from Nourished Soul Now will settle you into opening and refreshing restorative yoga poses while Rebekah Ray from SpiritSong and Vesica Pisces will play a variety of instruments, including the flute, tambura, harmonium and hung drum (handpan) and combine them with melodically sung mantra.

Investment: Pre-sale - $40, $45 at the door. This is an event not to be missed!
Bookings are essential and places are limited. Email Tabatha at tabatha@nourishedsoulnow.com or call 0429 995 822 to ensure you don't miss out!

Seasonal Yoga Intensives with Kristen $125Purchase required to enroll

7 - 8.30am, Monday 24th - Friday 28th June 2019. Backbends: Basics & Beyond Yoga Intensive.

Learning the building blocks to backbends are the yoga asana for having a good healthy back, strong legs, open shoulders and lungs. They provide increased prana, stretch and open the heart, while the fire is calmed by the water element. Yet how well are they practiced? In this Intensive we'll cover a conscious shift in working to free the lumber spine from any restriction, compression or pain. Movement in the arms & shoulders to achieve better lift and lightness. Reaching your peak, an inner experience of focus, calm & application. Feeling the love, expanded breathing and joy not just on a physical level but how the mind has been directed, focused & stilled. Build your personal practice at your own pace, through Yoga Intensives with demonstrations, adjustment, observation and experiential practice.

TO REGISTER : Yoga Intensive - 5 morning sessions $125 ($100 early bird special until 1st June). For the full experience, it is recommended to book the complete 5 mornings. Those who require a less intense experience or have time restraints, 3 morning sessions can be booked. Contact kristen@livingyogasanga.org for booking 3 sessions.

Appointments - Kahuna Bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork - 1 Hr Relaxation $100 per appointmentFrom $89 per visit with Kahuna Bodywork- Gift to yourself or beloved passPurchase required to enroll

Kahuna Bodywork - 1.5 Hr Therapeutic $140 per appointmentFrom $112 per visit with Kahuna Bodywork- Progressive Healing passPurchase required to enroll

Kahuna Bodywork - 2 Hr Transformational $175 per appointmentFrom $175 per visit with Kahuna Bodywork-Transformational passPurchase required to enroll

Kahuna Bodywork - 1 Hr Sunday Market Massage $80 per appointmentFrom $80 per visit with Kahuna Bodywork- 1 Hr Market Massage passPurchase required to enroll

A 1 Hr massage available at local markets in the Byron region. Byron 1st Sunday of the month, Channon 2nd Sunday of the month.

Kahuna Bodywork - call out $280 per appointmentFrom $300 per visit with Kahuna bodywork- call out passNo purchase required to enroll

Organise a special event at your home or holiday venue and enjoy & share Kahuna Bodywork for a group of people. To Book contact Jason on 0422 918 412

Appointments - Craniosacral Balancing

Be Balanced I Craniosacral - packages available No purchase required to enroll

Be Balanced - Craniosacral Therapeutic $150 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll

Be Balanced - Child Cranio Balance $50 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll

(Pls pay for sessions with Najma at your appointment)

Appointments - Private Yoga and Meditation

Private Meditation or Private Yoga with Tabatha

Cost $75 per session, or 3 consecutive sessions over 3 months $200. To book a session, call 0429 995 822 or email tabatha@nourishedsoulnow.com

Buddhist Teachings & Meditation

Dharma Study & Buddhist Meditation $5 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Mondays Dharma Study 5.00 - 6.00pm Buddhist Meditation 6.00 - 7.30pm with Jakob.
You are invited to drop in for a class. By donation - $5. For enquiries contact mishaela@si.org.au

Open Yoga Classes

Yin-Hatha with Aesha No purchase required to enroll

Monday & Thursdays from 9.00 - 10.30am and 2nd Saturday monthly 10 - 11:30am. Cost $20 please pay at class. Aesha’s class is replenishing, meditative, and suitable for every body. Focused breath awareness and guided body/mind observation throughout the class supports a gentle shift from mental busyness into moment to moment presence and relaxed sense of being.

Yin-Restorative with Aesha $18 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Yin-Restorative Tuesday 5:30-6:45pm Starts May 15th, Meditation, Gentle Asana, Yoga Nidra relaxation. A gentle end of the day session combining Yin Yoga with restful replenishing poses that invite us to deeply relax the mind and body. Variations and props used to support your individual level of practice. Beginners welcome.

Hatha Yoga No purchase required to enroll

Tuesday 3.45 - 5.15pm. Cost $13 please pay at class. Lily believes yoga is for everybody, her classes are focused on slowly opening, strengthening and stretching the body in a mindful way, with lots of props and options so that those with all body types and injuries can benefit from the healing power of yoga. Beginners are always welcome. Students leave her classes feeling grounded and relaxed.

Private Yoga Prep for Course with Tabatha No purchase required to enroll

Wednesdays from 6.00 - 7.30am. Cost $20 please pay at class. A combination of asana and deep relaxing, to soothe away the stress and rejuvenate mind and body, come along to an open class with Tabatha. Contact Tabatha 0429 995 822

Iyengar Yoga with Simon No purchase required to enroll

Thursdays from 5.30 - 7pm. Cost $20 please pay at class. Come and experience an authentic Iyengar Yoga class with senior teacher Simon Maurizio Marrocco. Simon has been practising and teaching yoga for over 30 years. He has been travelling yearly to Pune, India to study many times with our late Guruji BKS Iyengar, Geetaji Iyengar and Prashantaji Iyengar. He teaches all over Australia and internationally, he is a Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher level 3.


Yoga for Stress Relief with Tabatha

6 x Wednesdays two courses morning 9.30 - 11am or evening 6.00 - 7.30pm. Nourished Soul Now is pleased to offer a restorative yoga program. The 6 week program also features an initial one-on-one with Tabatha. Specifically designed for clients suffering with anxiety, depression or trauma, the program combines both meditation and subtle yoga poses. Investment: $175
Registration required. Call 0429 995 822 or visit http://www.nourishedsoulnow.com/yoga-for-mental-health.html

Kahuna Flying with Jason $90Purchase required to enroll

7.30 - 9am Starts 5 June - 17 July (No class June 26)
A 6 week course for both beginner to well practiced students of Kahuna. Through the Art of Flying we explore our body to unearth mental and emotional holdings that define our pathways of movement physically and in life itself. It is used to accelerate the building of new neural pathways which shines a light into the tucked away corners of our body and psyche. it also sharpens our focus, increases our stamina, and builds strength and flexibility. Cost $90 or $20 per class. All welcome.

Yoga with Kristen

Private Yoga with Kristen. $85 per classFrom $40 per visit with Shared Private Yoga with Kristen - Concession $40 each, 2 - 3 people passNo purchase required to enroll

Tuesdays and Fridays 11.30am - 12.30pm and 12.45 - 1.45pm. An individual yoga session is tailored to work intimately and precisely with you on what is coming up for you in your practice, your body or in your life. This is a wonderful opportunity to refine your practice and allow your body to reveal subtleties in its condition, energies and health and for you to step into more authority of your wellbeing on all levels.
These are individual sessions or shared with one or two others. Concessions available.

Small Group Yoga $27.50 per classFrom $28 per visit with Small Group Yoga- $220 pass passNo purchase required to enroll

A private session with Kristen is required first before starting Small Group Sessions.
These small groups of up to seven students are a unique way to consistently follow a yoga practice that is individually devised for you and based on seasonal cycles, within the supportive environment of a shared class.

8 x Dynamic Yoga Monthly Course - 2 days per week $180Purchase required to enroll

Tuesday and Friday from 7 - 8.30am for four consecutive weeks. 2 times per week for 4 weeks
A new Dynamic Yoga Group for those who want to build to the next level. This begins as a led dynamic practice, based on the seasonal sequence, empowering you through many workshop style learning tools, and takes you through to your own flowing and focused practice with the momentum of the group. A great opportunity for general to intermediate yoga students. Bookings are essential and payment is for the month course.

4 x Sessions Dynamic Yoga Monthly Course. $95Purchase required to enroll

One session per week 7 - 8.30am. Choosing one session per week, Tuesday or Friday, is available. 1 time per week for 4 weeks
This option can be either Tuesday or Friday and up to 4 sessions during a course.

Dynamic Yoga $25 per classFrom $20 per visit with 8 x Dynamic Yoga Pass passNo purchase required to enroll

Living Yoga - Trainings

LYS Teachers Practice

By invitation only. For Teachers of Living Yoga Sanga only.